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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Originally Posted by cymbals~FEAR~me
Now wait a sec. Now I'm not saying I'm not "phenomenal" , nor do my chops rack up against Eloy's. all I want to do is sit down with this kid and just jam, not a competition, just two drummers jamming, trading licks, and feeling good. Damn, that'd be sweet.
Ok. But a "drum battle" (a term I am increasingly growing to loath) implies a competition. And if you're "not saying I'm not phenomenal" you're saying that
you are. Maybe you are indeed (but I think you meant the opposite -Hehe). And as for that left foot clave being "not too difficult once you learn it" - I sure hope that's the case, but I doubt I'll ever master it at this late hour.
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