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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

For me, this kid is amazing chops-wise. I'm no where near him. What I really want to see is to put him in a jazz or funk band and see how he does. Now, I'm not saying he won't be abe to do it, but I'm really curious if he could.

Also, people have been talking about "musicality" so I'll toss in my two cents. Eloy's foot clave was cool. To me it was musical, but not difficult once you learn it, but still cool nontheless. His Latin rythems were awesome as well. I thought I heard some songo in there.

My only gripe is that there was no space, no texture to his playing. Every note was the same it seemed and it was static to me.

I would love to have a drum battle with him. I would love to put him on a four piece with a hihat, ride and one crash, a single chain single bass pedal, with one cowbell.

I would rather watch Weckl than Eloy.

Ok, before you all hate me; Eloy's chops were amazing and so was his coordination. He'll do great in his life. But for me, I'm a groove guy through and through. Feeling the groove over getting pounded in the ears for 5 minutes.
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