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Default Re: Has Anyone Seen Stan (Steamer)

Stan and I used to talk a lot via pm...and a while back I recall him planning an extended forum break. He is a serious professional musician who for 30 years has made his living entirely from drumming. I think he just had other things he needed to be doing and was probably tired of being called a snob by a handful who obviously didn't appreciate his 99% dead on perspective. I know he was trolled a lot and felt very frustrated about seldom being able to have reasonable discussions. ..especially when it came to jazz.

I could be wrong but that's my take. I also think he will probably come back when he's ready. He's a good guy and an excellent resource. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can do it for real that long and on that very high level. He's one of those people who has spent most of his career in the shadows making others look and sound good. Much respect.
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