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Yep, I don't use a Mac but I always like to be at least one version behind so the bugs are ironed out. This may be especially a good idea for MS users like me :) Or are Mac OSs the same as Windows - full of bugs at first that require a bunch of fixes in service packs?
There are usually a few bugs. There were certainly a couple when Snow Leopard came out, e.g enabling Guest Accounts in some situations could lead to data loss. Apple release updates every now and then and add them as a 'point' version. Snow Leopard is currently on 10.6.8. These updates sometimes enable features as well (like the App Store). Ironically, a few years ago 10.4 (Tiger) got to 10.4.11, which in itself caused a bug because some systems couldn't cope with the update going over .10!

What I do like about the update system is that it is actually quite transparent. A menu appears and will tell you precisely what is being downloaded and what it's meant to do; with a file size. A little like the Ubuntu's (and other Linux Distributions') Synaptic Package Manager - which does much the same thing. I don't like that Windows just downloads updates without telling you what they are and then decides to take twenty minutes shutting down whilst it re-configures. That's one of my biggest annoyances with Windows 7 (which I have on both my Macs).

Usually though, Mac users are much quicker to update because the OS updates sometimes cheaper (the last two have been very cheap, 25 and 21) and are usually fairly stable. Apple do cut off old hardware, so typically if your hardware is around five years old, it won't accept the now software. I have a 2006 iMac that will accept Lion, but I suspect that it won't accept any more systems after Lion.

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