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Default Re: Mac OS X Lion

I updated my MacPro and some laptops of my daughters.

The not so new iMac of my wife and the also older iMac in my Drumroom didn't accept the update ( both intel - but one not enough RAM, the second not core duo ....

The very new Laptop Pro of my daughter is running fine, the second one - mine for traveling needs - doesn't have Airdrop working (only newest Hardware supported).

On my MacPro i banned the new system on a second partition, because some older programs i still need and have, don't work anymore without Rosetta, these are: older versions of Photoshop with Image Ready, SoundStudio, Filemaker and Golive CS2 (Golive 9 and Dreamweaver are not useful tools for a site like Drummerworld), Mac the Ripper, and my very loved Racing Game 4x4 Evolution....Also my old Microsoft Crap like Words and Excel are not working anymore, and beware: i never will buy an update for

So the new things are not so important, just a little bit nicer, beside the adressbook and calendar, which i find ugly and old fashioned now - and i see no other layouts....hmm - so there is no need for me to work with lion.

By the way: i Put the installer on a stick, so i can update all machines...but there many more tricks to find on the net, not to loose the installer, because he tends to dissappear after installation.

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