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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Haha, people are getting a little opinionated on little Eloy, are they not.

I'd say he is great for his age. However, he's not the 2nd coming; when you break it down (apart from that cool latin bit in the middle), it's fast singles with the hands intespersed with a bit of double bass. Mike Portnoy does this a lot, and still gets bashed for it by a lot of people here.

If we're being really nitpicky, we could say his timing was a little out on the double bass in the 'bass/snare call and response' section, and he (accidentally?) hit the rim/other stick about twice. But these tiny failings detract nothing from the overall picture. He is fast, played an entertaining solo and has good co-ordination; yes, this is very special for a 14 year old, but not 'godly', for example, in my school, there is a jazz drummer 2 years younger than this guy who is fast approaching this skill level, but I dunno if playing in a competition like this will interest him.
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