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Originally Posted by HMNY View Post
Hey Jpilot, good call mentioning Reni, another incredible drummer, very underrated, there seem to be many many rumours of what happened to him after the Stone Roses packed it in.
Howdy,according to an Ian Brown interview interview in Uncut magazine a few years ago.....(you had better sit down to take the shock out of this) Reni walked away from the Roses ,but he later gave permission for Brown to use some drum loops he recorded on Browns debut called unfinished monkey business.In my opinion the loops were decent but let down by the recording quality that was very 4-track cassette based.Brown and Mani hinted that Reni did not play drums much for a couple of years after a loss of confidence in his playing after seeing a young kid in New York that blew him away.Brown felt Reni was the best drummer of his generation and almost as good on guitar.After 2005 he did a short tour under the name The Rub I think it was called,a band playing original material that he sang and played guitar on,I think it lasted a year without much success as far as I know
.Bass player Mani has been saying he would love to hear Reni back on drums anytime,he was so good would draw enough people to fill an arena gig just on his own playing drums.
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