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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

As with everyone else I was amazed at the kids technique for being only 14 and yes his development is headed in the right direction obviously.

But I did get bored after about 5 minutes of the same thing. When I watch a solo I like to hear and see someone groove and be very musical. Watching someone do incredible double bass or fast singles over and over gets redundant and uninteresting. I would still rather see someone play in the pocket all night and show his skill in certain spots when it comes time. Drum solos over 10 minutes showing just your technical side and not your musical just don't interest me anymore, I must be getting old even if I am only 36...LOL

Check out Keith Carlock's solo and Benny Greb's grooves in their solos those are sweet!
"Without the drummer music is just alot of noise!"
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