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Default Re: Kicking someone out of the band

Well done, Sever. You did all the right things, way over and above the call of duty.

Your friend needs to understand that his behaviour was causing problems for everyone in the band, not just you. If you're in a band with committed players and you're not as committed there are only two ethical options - get committed or make way for someone who is.

There is also an unethical option - clinging on to the spot and stringing everyone along without worrying about how you inconvenience them. That's the path your friend took because at the moment his brains seem to have shifted from his big head to his little one.

Once this relationship blows over and his young chickadee finds herself a hot young bloke then he'll probably regain use of his brain cells and may well be open to being friends again. Whether you are or not after his bad behaviour is another matter ...

PFOG said it's a shame that it's ended badly but it's never over until I sing! You two may become friends again.
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