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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

i half agree with the statement above. although he has fantastic skills at double bass, quick hands and excellent coordination and technique, i think what mlehnertz was vaugley trying to put across was if the guy had "the feel" for drumming.

i completly understand about how the kid is filled with "raw" talent, and he may well be (or have as much skill as) the next lang or weckl to come...and thats fine for a solo drummer, or if your ambition is to win the WFD...

but what im trying to say is that although drumming and music completly connected, they can be completly the opposite also...if you want to go far in the recording buisness or be a succesful musician in a band, its all about the feel and imagination of how things could sound e.g.

im sure pure fast drum solos would not impress the pop/rock scene today in a song on every track.

hence this, the lad has time to come, and could turn out to be a star within the years...
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