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Default Re: Kicking someone out of the band

Originally Posted by onemic View Post
The fact that he's a grown 33 year old man dating a 19 year old is already messed up enough, but that she's the one controlling him? That's just flat out odd to me. I feel for ya man, but if you really think you did nothing wrong(and by what you described you weren't) perhaps you could send him one final email fully explaining what you just explained to us and why you had to let him go. He's probably taking it very personally when in fact the decision wasn't personal at all.
oh im a woman btw lol... not that it matters I dress like a guy and act like one anyway.

and yeah that's a really good idea maybe I will email him, but I don't want it to become worse... well, lol guess it can't get any worse than this, might as well
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