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Default Re: Drummers and bands: Think globally

Originally Posted by daredrummer View Post
Although in Europe we've got to be careful not to steal the show from Andy and PQleyR!
Yeah, butt outa my yard man!

Seriously, you're welcome anytime.

Nice piece of info there Ian. I left a comment. A composite approach is required in many cases, Being successful, at least to the point of filling venues, has great band value on your local scene. If nothing else, it offers good gigging opportunities. Not only is this great fun, but it gets the band tighter & pays some bills. You can build a local online fanbase from that, & use that fanbase to further multiply exposure via their contacts. To do that, you need content. In some ways, that comes back to gigs. They provide the money to record stuff, & also provide great photo/video opportunities. Once you're into original material, a website with download & pay features is your critical mass hub, with all other E tools feeding it (FB, MS, etc).

I'm in a similar boat Ian. The business has changed beyond recognition since I stomped the boards 25 years ago, & for the small time guy like me, in a very positive way. All my old fart comrades should embrace these new opportunities with both arms. It's great!
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