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Default Re: Quitting Smoking

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
How much are cigarettes in Melbourne? Well, what you don't spend on them is found money, man, extra cash. Ask yourself, would you rather have five dollars a day more or not? Ten dollars a day?

It's the way things are going, you know. Smoking cigarettes is on the way out.

I'm still fighting the damn belly I've gained, and it's a huge drag because at my age you start loosing muscle tone, so I've joined a gym which I absolutely hate because it reminds me of gym class when I was a kid.

But, I don't smoke!
Just bought a new pack.....I'm ashamed to admit that I just forked out $15.85 Aussie dollars for a pack of 25!! (Hence my earlier gripe at the government.....inexcess of 10 bucks going straight into their coffers, I'd guess).

At this very moment Jay, you couldn't be more correct.....there is little doubt that money would be better off in my pocket....the perils of addiction.;

You have reminded me though. Not only do I really need to toss the fags....but I could probably start to invest in a sit up or two as well. I haven't "let slip" just yet....but any further down the line and a come back to 'fighting weight' will be irretrievable :-)
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