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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

This thread encapsulates the best and worst of all drummer chats! There is intelligent comment and respectful criticism on the one hand and inexplicable arrogance and bravado (jealousy??) on the other. Opinions vary - and that is good - but surely there are some ultimate truths with which we can agree.

Lets just set aside that Eloy is 14 for a second. He is performing at the Modern Drummer Festival and has five minutes to alert the drumming world to his talent. Of course he is going to focus on his chops and his speed. If he had played Chad Smith's incredible groove (performed as his "solo" at the festival) he would not have shown his unknown potential. His technique is impressive and his speed is outstanding. His ability to take fundamentally different feels and piece them together in one performance is musical. Then lets add back into the mix that he is FOURTEEN!

We are musicians. We are sidemen/women. We should be proud of it. Lets celebrate a new talent and respect his gift and don't complain until he gets a gig that used to be yours. In the meantime kudos to Nutha and the Duke (and some others) for the intelligent posts.

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