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Sometimes, sure, usually when someone's being holier-than-thou. I detest smug sanctimony. I feel very self-righteous in my dislike of sanctimony ...

I get frustrated with Holy Grail talk of technique at times but I don't feel I have the right to argue the toss because I'm a chop-free zone. However, I keep thinking that technically Joe Cocker, BB King and Janis Joplin weren't great singers and a lot of guitarists could run rings around BB KIng, David Gilmour and Paul Kossoff ...

Originally Posted by chaymus View Post
Most of my replies border on trollish responses. It's not that I intend to pick a fight, but I like to have a little fun and hopefully get a couple chuckles.
You? Trollish? No way. I always get a good laugh from your idiotic pics :)

And if you disagree then you better put up yer dukes, boyo!
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