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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

Real name? Jaxon Williams
Age? 17
How long have I been playing? About 3 or 4 years...
Origin of my username? It's my name followed by drums.
Top 5 drummers? Buddy Rich, Phil Selway, Dominic Howard, John Bonham, Dave Grohl
Make of drumkit? Tama Superstar (Black Finish)...
Make of cymbals? Zildjian 13" K Hi Hats, Zildjian A Custom 6" Splash, Zildjian A Ride, and Sabian B8 18" Crash
Where do you practice? Bedroom or garage.
Are you or were you in a band? I'm looking for one.
Covers or originals? Covers for now...
Style of music? Alternative, Indie Pop, Funk
Take out food? In & Out Burgers, however I rarely eat fast food.
Country? United States
How did I start drumming? My parents bought me a drum set when I was 13 years old and I have taught myself to play.
Here is my drum set...
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I'm Jaxon and I swim.