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Default Drummers and bands: Think globally

Hi All,

A few weeks ago, I thought I needed to stop posting so much on forums, and start focusing some of my thoughts in a more constructive way. I started a business blog, covering a variety of topics, most of which have nothing to do with drumming.

But today's blog post comes from posts I had originally written on here, about being a drummer in a band, and how one might make a career out of being a band today, as opposed to how we it used to try to do it. Rather than looking at all the negativity of the music business, I thought about how one can look at it in a positive light.

Musicians and Bands: Don’t think locally, think globally!

I hope one or two people might get something useful out of it.

EDIT: And special thanks to MattRitter, who posted a question that I responded to that set off the original post this post is based off of!
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