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Default Re: Grace or Disgrace?

Word of life experience...speak your mind plainly. I admire that from you - Andy!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
I was at the point of posting something on this yesterday, but thought better of it, as it probably would have got me banned from DW. This really makes my blood boil!

How dare this spoilt little ^$^^ use his adoption as an excuse for his actions. His birth father wasn't interested in him! Big surprise that. Why the hell did he think he was put up for adoption in the first place. I spent years advising adopted adults on a help line. Believe me, I've heard it all. On each occasion, I steered the individual in the direction of appreciating their adopted parents. I was adopted out of an orphanage on the dock road of Liverpool. I'm likely to be the product of 1960 family peer pressure, or even more likely, the product of prostitution. Does that buy me a ticket to act like a dickhead? I don't think so.

This stupid boy needs a reality check. He also should have thought of the affect on his adoptive parents when sighting being disturbed by the reaction of his birth father. Ungrateful little %$%^!!!!!
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