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Default Re: My new website is up!!

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post

Yeah, I saw the link on your bands FB earlier.

I really dig the graphics, and it so fits the music.

My critiques:
The background section barely has anything info. I mean, is there a band behind the music?

No photo in the background section. You want people to read about the band, show them the band!

You access the photos from the home page, but once you're off the home page, you can't get directly to them without multiple clicks.

I really dig what you're trying to go for, but it looks too much like you don't want anyone to really know about the band. The veil of mystery works on occasion, but not often.

(and I only give you such hard critiques because I love your band and want to see you do well).
Yup as I type (speak) we are in the process of writing some personal bios, and are slowly typing up a history of the band thinger.

Isn't there a button on the side bar that says media to take you to the pictures?

Thanks for checking it out!

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Very cool .... I only wish ... you had "physical" copies ... of your EP.
I'd whip out the PayPal card in a minute ... you guys got a good sound, prog. rock with melody ....
And a great web site. I'm not gonna tell you good this and great that ... but change this .... you should do that ..... you have a web site, and that's cool. My issue with Miss Sammi WFD 2011, in another thread, no web site .... only a Facebook page.
Thanks for checking it out, I'm glad you enjoy it. Sorry about the lack of disks available, ordering some new copies is on the top of the to-do list.
Originally Posted by BigSteve View Post
Hi Jonathan,

Nice website! Listening to your music now...damn you guys are good! Not the style of music I normally listen to but you guys have a nice combination of sounds that I find very appealing. I'm a new fan.
I'm glad you enjoy it! Thanks for visiting the site!
Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post

I'm old fashion, I still want a physical disc.

Although, from my experience, it's not worth it for bands to print up CDs, because there only a few people who actually want to buy the physical CD.
In our case their's very few who wanna buy it.... cause we've been giving them away for free!
Originally Posted by toddy View Post
i love the banner illustration, looks awesome!
It does doesn't it! We're very fortunate to have a web designer/kick-ass artist in the band.
Originally Posted by specgrade View Post
Very cool website. I'd like to see some info on each member ie; musical education, equipment used, and how long you've been together.

Still I liked the site!
It's on it's way!

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
And Jonathan, how come there are no pictures of that beautiful tama kit on your bands site?

That drum kit is a work of art into itself!
Hahah, well if we decide to throw in a gear section that could definitely be a possibility!!

Thanks again to everyone for checking out the site!!


p.s. Tylor you should take some pics of your drums and post them here! lol.
Come give us a listen

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