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Default Re: Grace or Disgrace?

Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Well, I know the story even if the link is from the Daily Mail (a laughing-stock, right-wing UK rage that hasn't been closed down in the last week).

I supported the student protests and I even supported giving the Royals a hard time; (I'm a Republican) so the idea of Charlie Gilmour jumping a Royal Protection car is hilarious but he was genuinely acting like an idiot an deserves whatever punishment he might get.

You break the law, you take the punishment. I'm glad that he apologised for his actions on The Cenotaph. There are few things that are sacred, but The Cenotaph is one of them.
I take it "Republican" in British parlance is more akin to its actual definition than to the conservation American political party of the same name?

RE the OP, it sounds like the kid just wasn't thinking, and just behaving like a drunken goofball. In America that usually results in a court appearance, rehab, and a bigger contract if you are a celeb, jail time if you are ordinary folk, it seems.
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