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Yeah, the spin game is unbearable for me. I can't take it. I just want the truth, but nobody else seems interested. A dry, boring, spin-free account of events is what I want from my media but it's almost impossible to find. I hate the partisan politics game everyone in my country wants to play. What's right and what's real take a back seat to "my side needs to win." Politics features more "go team!" sentiment than any sporting event. At least some sports fans have learned to get past homerism and objectively critique their team. If you do that in politics, you're ostracized from the party immediately.

It's a dismal thing, and I agree that excess of media choices compounds it. Politicos can get away with murder and still maintain a passionate support base. You can ALWAYS find someone who defends the actions of even the most unconscionable people. Partly because anyone can blog an idiotic opinion and partly because controversy sells, so it pays to write something stupid or inflammatory even if you don't actually mean it.

I think it's interesting how people come about choosing their hobbies. In a lot of cases, our hobbies probably represent an escape from the things we don't like. Music is a great escape from almost anything, I guess. I'm an avid chess player, and one of the things I love about it is that truth trumps bull****. You can't spin your way out of a bad position. It's checkmate, motherf*****, and you lose. It also teaches humility, because there's always someone who can kick your a** and you have to learn how to deal with that in an honest way.
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