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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

i think we can all learn something from ultimate drummer...not drumming mind you, but humility. drumming is not a contest but an art. what one guy does with four on the floor is as valid as YYZ. there is no ranking system for drumming's truest qualities. it does pay to be slightly arrogant, slightly does pay to be confident but also to underplay your level of skill. rather leave the watchers saying, 'wow, he's better than he said he was' than 'that arrogant jerk is hardly as good as he thinks'.

but then remember how we all were when we were 14. i only started drumming at 14 and after a year i though i was ready to take on anybody. i'm 30 now and i'm just happy to be a lot better this month than i was last month.


next time put the video on the same post as the brag ultimate drummer. if you are even half as good as eloy then i will publically apologise to you and formerly request that bernhard sets up a drummerworld page for you.
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