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Originally Posted by aaajn View Post
My other favorite spin is when celebs apologize on their way into rehab for sex, drugs, alchohol, assholism, and all the other ism's. Hey just go to rehab, your popularity will go up. All the in-crowd is doing it.

Well all I can say is: Bless their hearts.
haha ... not to mention high flying executives who suffer sudden memory loss on the way to court after they've been found out with their fingers in the till. Or they are sooo damaged by the stress they've been rendered non functional.

I think that any high flyer claiming memory loss before a grilling should be tossed in gaol (US: jail) for contempt. Sure, it's possible that they're not fudging but I reckon you'd catch out 500 cheaters for every miscarriage of justice.

I should have called this the Give Us Reality thread :)
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