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Default Re: Grace or Disgrace?

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You never get the full story. It seems Charlie G was feeling unhinged after meeting his natural father. However, a lot of adopted people meet their natural parents and are disturbed by the experience.

Our singer was adopted and he was very turned off when he met his natural mother. He told me that it made him deeply grateful to be with his adoptive parents, who he considers his real parents.

It's a shame that Charlie didn't do the same and count his blessings rather than focus on the fact that his natural father didn't care about him. The fact is that Charlie's adoptive father was supporting him in court and providing a QC to help out suggests that he didn't focus on the good things he had. I wish my father was a member of Pink Floyd!
It can't be easy to be a young man in those situations. Charlie is younger than I am and I know how badly I react to the smallest of things. I mean, I went mad when I accidentally ate meat yesterday (I'm a vegetarian, the mince looks and tastes the same when it's been in the fridge!) so I can't pretend to understand what it must've been like for him.

I will always have endless respect for David Gilmour. That's just a given.

With that said, Charlie acted like a drunken idiot; vandalised a national monument and attacked a Royal security car. You do that, you pay the price. The law has to be the same for everyone regardless of emotion.

Incidentally Polly, I hope you're following the Murdoch scandal!
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