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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Hi folks, dear drummerd99,

I started with a US-made DW 5002 Turbo some years ago (in the mid-90's). It was really a nice and reliable pedal with smooth action for about ten years. I found it to represent a great trade-off between power and speed, resulting from the lean design. The new DW3002 is quite the same pedal at a really reasonable price.

I've been playing a DW9002 for five years now. I really love the power and strength of the pedal, but is not making me a speed champion. IMHO, the DW9002 is rather for power play, when you need to deliver a serious kick signal. It is well-built, heavy and very reliable, although the quality is only 9 out of 10, I would say. It is very sensitive with a great feel, too, but not the fastest pedal I know. I love the adjustment features, in particular of the cam, but you can really overdo it and spent month with the setting.

I recently checked the topline Axis longboard double pedal, and that was an experience! I mean, they just go automatically. You basically need to look at them and they get off, and I was able to play really precise and fast. Besides the great manufacturing quality I think it is really a metal pedal, with not such a wide application range.

If you go to a store, you shouldn't miss Sonor's Giant Step Pedals. I know it is extremely expensive in the US, but it is in all disciplines state of the art. Sonor doesn't spread too much information about the features, but in terms of quality, versatility, durabilty etc. it is (one of) the best pedal(s) out there. If you have money left under the pillow, you'll need to check it out. I still stick to the DW9002 because the matching 9500 Hi-Hat is so great ;-) But that's another thread.

Hope it helps.
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