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Default Re: Words and spin

Spin is a part of our very basic communication platform. We all use it every day, from persuading a child to eat vegetables, to delivering bad news with empathy. It's only when those skills are applied to manipulation/augmentation of the truth as a means of deflection that there's a sour taste left in the mouth.

On a separate but related point, isn't it interesting that the very people who now champion the "peoples" thirst for public assertion of morality in the press, are the same individuals who courted favour from senior press executives to further their own ends. The politicians are on a PR win/win here. Also, when RB admitted making payments to the police for information, the establishment PR machine only pointed out that it was illegal for the press to have made those payments. Absolutely bloody nothing was said about the illegality & gross immorality of the police to solicit & accept such payments! Now that I am worried about, although not surprised.
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