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Default Re: Grace or Disgrace?

Originally Posted by Ian Williams View Post
I fully agree regarding "sacred" and shall be kept that way: Flag, Coat of Arms, National Anthem...shall be respected.

When someone breaks the law, must know that is expose face-to-face to the consequences and punishment.

About giving a hard time to the Royals. People has the right and duty to do so and show their unrest nation-wide, cleverly!
Well, I don't sing the National Anthem any more because I'm an Atheist and a Republican; so it doesn't sit well! With that said, I observe the right of others to sing it, so I just stand there quietly.

I think the Royals were stupid; driving a Royal car through the streets of London in the middle of a day of unrest. Although I don't condone physical action (but found it funny, there's a difference!) they were asking for trouble doing that.
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