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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by fallenangel View Post
I saw Pearl Eliminator and I loved it.It's quite expensive but i would like to have it
It's not really that expensive compared to other stuff on the market. I owe a chain one, I previously owned a cheaper Pearl double bass pedal which had a great set of bearings, and I can feel the difference. It also comes with the 4 cams, though I can only feel a big difference between the Red (my choice) and the others. The other parameters are quite customizable too, so you can set it up just the way you want.

Personally I didn't like the feel of the Axis or the Demon Drive (shaft drive? is that the correct term?), to me it feels like a chain drive or belt drive gets a better "flow" going (not sure how to explain it more technically)
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