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Default Re: beginner bass player needs help with basic bass song

tabs are never right. nor sheet music. but they are good to give you a general idea and you can flesh it out for yourself. trust your ears.

that's a pretty simple (and common) chord pattern.

the same notes can be played at various parts of the neck. explore jumping back and forth between positions and octaves. also explore playing licks and runs in between those notes. have fun with it.

it is good to learn as much about music theory and structure as possible. it would be good to learn chord structure (what makes up a chord) and learn chord patterns. that song is a common chord pattern.

the main la-la section (or wa-wa that everybody apparently loves to sing) is:

Eb to F to Gm toBb.

BUT when the bass first comes in, those four notes are slightly varied:

and it's descending:

Eb all the way up to the Bb and descending down (backwards if you will) to the G and down to the root Eb again. from there the pattern only ascends as first shown.

so it's:

Eb ------------------------------------- Bb -------------------------------------
I Swear I'll Never Be Happy A - gain

G ------------------------------------- F

and the wa-wa (la-la - whatever) section is:

Eb ------------------------------------- F -------------------------------------

G ------------------------------------- Bb -------------------------------------

that first section (played backwards) is called a turnaround.

you can find a chart of the neck of your instrument online. if the song indeed played in standard tuning, it should work for you.
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