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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

Real name? Joe Gedge
Age? 15
How long been playing? About a year
Origin of user name? Surname with "the" in front. No idea why.
Top 5 drummers? Dave Grohl, John Bonham, Dominic Howard, William Goldsmith, Tre Cool
Make of drum kit? Roland (Electronic, although Remo made the heads)
Make of cymbals? Roland (Electronic)
Where do you practice? My bedroom
Are you in a band/s? Kind of; we have no ideas for names or music style, and I might have to be singer if we can't find one.
Covers or originals? Both
What style of music? Rock
Favourite take out food? Curry
Country? England
One really odd fact about yourself? I can't ride a bike.
How did you start drumming? Liked tapping on things but had no idea how to drum, so I thought I could learn, so I did.
I drum, therefore I am