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Default Re: I'm Coming Home

Well...after a stressful adventure I'm back in the US sitting at my grandparents' kitchen table.

Customs officials in Bucharest stupidly confiscated my cymbals when I tried to bring them on a plane in the normal regulation cymbal bag. They claimed they were lethal weapons then after a half hour fight allowed me to put them under the plane (only 20 minutes before takeoff) for an additional 50 Euro ...followed by a handshake I witnessed by the same customs official and the extra baggage coupon distributor. I assumed he pulled the whole stunt for half the money ...a common gimmick here. While in the back taking care of this, the same customs official removed my best crash and positioned it like a discus thrower pretending to throw it...laughing like a fool. I'm not even going to get into the hassles about the extra baggage weight and the greasy palm negotiations related to that.

But all that's behind me. I'm back. Now to relax for a couple of days ...then get it together.
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