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Originally Posted by foursticks
I agree with you there, but he was a beast on the first dvd which is what i mean't... i love how he opens we're gonna groove. great song....
did u catch up on the video before the song "we're gonna groove"....he does a fill when before plant greets and audience and he breaks a stick. thats not even 15 seconds into the dvd and he already broke a stick!! but ya hes so crazy on the first dvd its actually watching it right now...theyre playing how many more times...great song..and after that song ....the best one of all...i dont even have to tell you what it


this is what i read about how the recoring of "when the levee breaks"

The legendary drum sound in the Zeppelin track 'When The Levee Breaks' was recorded in this way: Bonham was sat at the bottom of a stairwell on his kit and he had the mics positioned 3 flights above him. Hence the stuttered reverb effect on each snare hit. Worth bearing in mind if you ever...erm...find yourself on a stairwell with a drumkit.

dont know if this was brought up already but just thought this was pretty cool
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