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Default Re: Danny Carey- Genius or completely insane?

tool were my favourite band for ages, and when lateralus came out i couldn't believe my luck because it was - and still is - one of the most fun albums i have ever attempted to learn... the grudge and ticks & leeches would have to be the most challenging songs on the album, and i love the title track.
as far as tool's sense of humor goes, it has never really cracked me up the way a band like primus have... but i guess it is pretty funny how so many people take tool so seriously.
i certainly used to for a while until someone i know said how funny he thought tool were: then it kind of dawned on me

"...The resulting rhythm and gateway summoned a daemon he has contained within "the Lodge" that has been delivering short parables similar to passages within the Book of Lies..."

ha ha.. yeah

i think danny carey is both completely insane and a genius because you would have to be insane to be as creative a player as he is
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