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Default Re: Another fine celebrity FAIL.

Strung Out

A terrible silence shook a pharmacist,
So giving the blame to me in all.
Said, 'I'm giving my best bluff, I've got a bomb"
Wishing that I had more text space.

Well now I'm'a getaway in a taxi cab.
You'd better watch out, I might strike.
And I'm hard on, tripping as fast as I can.
Oh, here we go to save the show.
Comcast venue is broken.
And I could choose to run fasterů
But I'm a junkie.
I see myself at the back of a squad car.
She looked, looked at the lineup and recognized me.

Said 'No, I thought the tiny little pills were advil,
I mistakenly took this oxycotin'

Well now I'm sitting in the joint
Band's still playing out, ignoring my plight
And I'm locked up, sitting as still as I can
And I'm tweaking just a bit

And I'm a junkie
I'm a junkie no
And I'm locked up, coming down as fast as I can
And there they go to play a show
My hide is getting broken
And I could choose to run fasterů
But I'm a junkie
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