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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS - Please use this thread to introduce yourself

Jamison Pierce
7 years wo0t!
First name, last name, drum teacher:P
Virgil Donati, Toni Royster, Thomas Lang, Marco Minnemen
Tama StarClassic Performer
Sabian AAX
I Practice in my garage until the studio opens up
Not atm, played for a few that opened up fro Suicide Silence, Stick to Your Guns and Emmure
allll origanals
Anything around metal, Been playin some funk and jazz lately
Usa So cal yo
dont know if its odd, but i load up on energy drinks and practice till 5 in the mornin:P
I started taking private lessons when i was 18 in Reno NV, had to practice in a apartment with pads, but still pissed off the neighbors lol moved to to southern Ca and start taking lessons with <a href="">McMillan Music School in San Diego</a> and after bout a year I was hired as a teacher and couldn't hope for anything better:)

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