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Default Re: Really funny review of my band in Decibel Magazine

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Maybe he works for Decibel Magazine and he's just throwing us a bone? :)
If he worked for them I think he'd tell people to buy it lol! Alright so I'll post the text from it with a little editing and the picture they included of the cover for the review (and no thats not a drawing of me as a caveman! Looks similar though)

Needle Exchange August 2011 Decibel Magazine page 98.

Drawing of a caveman looking quizzically at a pot leaf :check. A shot from 2001 a space odyssey where the monolith has been replaced with a Marshall full stack: check. A friend of the band named Nick Genitals: Check. I really don't have a clue where you can pick up this sludgy rock ep. But whoever the F these guys are, there Just boneheaded and violent enough to perfectly fill those 10 minutes of the day when you need to remember your boss is an ass and school Effn' Sucks.
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