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Default Re: Monster XRL Cables, worth it?

Nope. I think Monster Cables are crap. I usually make my own. I buy Mogami or Canare cable and either use Switchcraft or Neutrik connectors. Cables I've made 25 years ago are still working today. Of course, having a cable tester is smart, then you can periodically test your cables to see which ones are acting up and either fix them or replace them. Save some money and get the stock ProCo's, but avoid the Hosa's, if you're not into building your own. I like making my own, then I know how well they'll work.

The funnier thing is the marketing behind the Monster 1/4" plug instrument cable. They say all this great stuff about 'em, but when you see how a 1/4" plug actually contacts the jack, the tip touches something, and a small piece of metal touches the body of the plug. Not exactly a for-sure connection!
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