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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

I'm a n00b drummer - but an old hat at music... and I thought this kid had musicality in may parts... not everywhere (which is what I think people may have picked up) but he did have a lot of Brazilian/latin/afro rythms mixed in - I mean, it is a solo after all and he is showing what he is working on at the moment. Pretty amazing even if I was just listening to the audio and forget that he is 14... and just mind-blowing if you take his age into account. Good job Mr. Casagrande! /hat

I would like to see him just having fun and grooving - I'm sure we would all enjoy that (and he would too) so I hope he'll make more videos in the future.

Now I'll go find something creative to build with the sticks I have... or not - you know, I enjoy my beginner 4/4 rock pattern with mistakes and all :)
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