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Default Re: Music Pop Stars no longer have to be actual people

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
That's not about being an Asian country - it's about being a poor relation trying to impress the big boys (ie. the west). It's also, dare I say it, about patriarchy.

How about Milli Vanilli's lip synching scandal? Why were the group even needed? ... weren't the ghost musicians behind the scenes cute or cool enough?
i agree completely about Milli Vanilli.

i think their audience was so stupid that they were dancing to the cover. to be fair the studio cats and chicks were given a shot, but nobody wanted to hear it. Fab and Rob tried to do it for real with great coaching and put out a pretty good record (as performed on Arsenio - who was at the root of their unmasking - he ragged them MERCILESSLY right up until the record skipped and on until the eventual unmasking), but nobody wanted to hear it.

that tells you who we play for. not that everyone should know music inside out like we attempt to. Jane Doe doesn't need to know what a Mean 90 is, but she should like the record she always liked, even if it''s not by the people who she thought it was by. unless of course, she was dancing to the cover. or he. duh-huhhhh.
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