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Sorry for being short with you but I have read a lot of negative stuff on this site lately about Neil. Consider this. He became a Legend in a band that was not even mainstream popular like Led Zeppelin, Beatles, or the Who. There must be a reason so many thought he was so different, to elevate him over so many others. Not just the general public, but many professional drummers. He is a great Rock drummer. You don't have to know how to play all different styles of music to be great. That just makes you versatile. When was he supposed to take the time to learn all these other styles, and why did he have to. He has had a permanent Rock gig for the last 30 years. Not sure you can say that for most other drummers.

He also did not elevate himself to this status. He is a very shy person, that does not run around seeking all kinds of attention with his words like many other artists out there. He did it with his talent. If you haven't already, sit down and listen to his body of work. He has created some pretty amazing drum compositions. He also writes some pretty amazing lyrics. He certainly blows the dumb drummer stereotype out of the water. This guy has some smarts.
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