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Originally Posted by drummerjr View Post
why is neil peart so special ? He can hit the drums but there is a lot of other drummers like: benny greb, dave weckl, jojo mayer, steve gadd, vinnie caliuta ..... neil peart is nothing comanpared to this guys. He is a good drummer but he is not a LEGEND. Please tell me if im rong. Thanks =)
You can't just compare all drummers like that. First of all they have different styles,
second they're different generations, and third you have to find out how all drummers
in all generations relate to each other - who learned from whom, who invented what,
who inspired following generations.

I.e. you can't really compare Neil Peart who created his own thing to Benny Greb who
didn't even live then :).

I'm not really a fan of Neil per se, but he sure is special, because he really developed
his own unique style, and for those who like it, he is very compositional.

Plus: If you want to compare drummers with the result of saying XY is "nothing" to YZ,
I'm sure you completely forget music. It's not just about technical abilities. You have
to see and kind of rate the music behind the notes! So I'm sure there is no great drummer
who is "nothing" musically at all.
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