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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

A couple of new things but first I want to say Thanks to Andy, Harry , John , Larry , Bob ,Luke, Luis and everyone else that has been really supportive of my efforts. You all are the driving force behind everything that I have accomplished so far.

Legal stuff - The Articles of Organization are ready to go in. I am waiting for one signature and the paper work goes off to the State. Hopes are to have everything signed and sent in next week. Once they are approved we will have become a legitiment company!

Next on the list is getting the Operating Agreement done, to which we have decided to go with a law firm to handle this. It may take alittle longer but its in everyones best interest that we do it this way. Everyone will have the same know how going into this so there should be no surprises for anyone.

Also I have given many sleepless nights to this, but I feel the only way we will be able to march ahead at full steam is to go out and try and find a large chunk of Capitol money.
I plan on trying some of the local "hometown" banks before I resolve to going to some of the bigger institutions.
If anyone has any suggestions as to how to approach this, what they may be looking for , what I need to provide to them to help facilitate this , PLEASE help.
All of us have pretty much poured everything we have into this already so what we need now is a good infusion of operating money.

Now on to some fun stuff ! I know many do not follow facebook (which is where I have been spending an awful lot of time lately) so I will now introduce you to some of the Wac'd Drums logos and our drum badge. Please share any thoughts you may have about them as anything can be changed! We were really fortunate that someone knew and set us up with the graphic artist Buddy King of the Grave Digger monster truck fame. Buddy is the designer of all the graphics you see on it and he has numerous other notable projects under his belt. The guy has been a pure joy to work with!

Also we should be starting production (finally!) on the lugs for the 5-6" shells and have come up with nickel finish that looks and wears like chrome plating , but without all of the enviromental issues associated with chrome plating. I was and still am amazed at this finish!

And I started the website, but right now theres not much to look at. Feel free to check it out and give me feedback on that also before I get to deep into it.

Again thanks everyone!

Oh and btw , next week Jennifer will be redoing one of her drum covers with a singer that is coming from N. Carolina. It will be another video for you tube , but it will be done a little more proper than me and my zoom camera. This should be a blast!

the first one would be the drum badge, the rest would be for stationary, tees , hats , etc.
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