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Default Re: New guy in here!

Thanks for the nice comments! I`ve seen Leo and his kit before, really impressive!
The only thing that is not that well placed is the hoe (it`s on the left cymbal stand).I sometimes hit the cymbal from underneath when playing it. It may seem foolish, but it has a nice sound, say, like playing a ride while muting it.Short, crisp and metallic.It works really good for funky!
Regarding the snare, I`ve played on a bunch of snares, some steel, some wood, and with various heads (coated and not coated) and the one i liked the most was Remo Controlled Sound, coated.It gives that "whack!" sound with as little overtones as possible.I like my toms very resonant, but I like short, punchy snare and bassdrum sounds. Also, I keep my snare prety low-tuned compared to my friends, it doesn`t have such a sharp, high-pitched sound. As i`ve said before, the biggest problem is the shell, wich is out of round, and i have to tighten the heads pretty much just to get rid of the wrinkles, so that`s the first thing i want to fix before buying any head.
My god, did I write this much again?!
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