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Default Re: Danny Carey- Genius or completely insane?

[quote=Stu_Strib]Yeah, what finn said. Sounds like a quick gimmick to attract some attention. QUOTE]

Stu Brings up a valid point: Danny Carey seems to want some sort of attention. He will probably never get any from the media, which is actually a shame. This nature in itself will attract die-hard fans of Tool, who try to mimic Tool in as many ways possible. For example: In my school, I talked to one of my friends about Lateralus (the CD). I was handing him the cd; This really strange kid at our school came up to us :
Him:"You like Tool?"
Me: "Yeah."
Him: "Do you know the extent of Tool's genius?"
Me: "I think their drummer is really good. The band itself is pretty solid. So in terms of music theory or whatever, they know their stuff."
Him: "You don't know anything about Tool, therefore you know nothing about yourself." Then walked away.

This kid thought he was being so mysterious and dark, but he was just trying to mimic Tool's behavior (at least what he thught they would behave like). Carey's mysterious personality lends to his image, and personally, I think Tool tries very hard to stay secretive, and be weird (how many lead singers perform off stage a good portion of their show, or do odd dances to thier own music - and I don't mean headbanging). This is the sort of attention Tool probably wants: they want to get so many die-hard fans that eventually, they media will be forced towards them, and when Tool refuses to do interviews or public appearances, they will get more attention. Either that, or to just mess with our heads.

- Marc
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