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Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
WFT!!! Jaw-dropping drum porn.

The inlays are way cool, totally classy. Very precise work. I would like to see a thread devoted to drums with inlays.

Just to confirm: There is no stain applied to these drums, just clear oil for preservative purposes, and varnish? This thread is for unstained wood, as close to natural as possible, with the least amount of finishing and processing - we've had some people slipping stained drums in so I have to check.
Thanks, DMC! Yes, that is the natural color. An oil mixture was applied to seal the wood and perfectly clear lacquer was applied over it and viola!
Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
stavebuilder, your work is inspiring. As for inlays, I tried my first, it is a little sloppy, did it without any magnification (reading glasses) and my vision failed me, but after I sand and clear, it should turn out fine. This is solid walnut staves with a thin maple burl inlay.

Inlays generaly don't work with stave shells because of their tendency to move so much more than ply shells. The expansion/contraction between the shell and the inlay will cause an uneven surface even after the finish has been applied and the finish will also crack due to the movement. Trust me I have tried it and learned the hard way. If you are determined to do it use quartersawn lumber, it is much more stable.
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