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Default Re: Danny Carey- Genius or completely insane?

Genius or Insane:

Many geniuses are known to be considered insane: it is the only way to cause a revolution. Look at Galileo. He had thoughts of astronomy whicheveryone considered to be insane: his theories are now accepted by everyone (the sun is the center of our solar system, planets move in elliptical orbits).

Danny is definately strange, but I think Tool seems to put on sort of a show with themselves. Maynard James Keenan (who I consider a freak) is considered by many to be one the greatest lyricists ever (he is very intelligent, and his work reflects his knowledge of writing and literature). He is known to hate the music industry itself, since it is a money scheme (in his opinion).

I think the entire band is putting some sort of act; it seems as though they attempt to be as strange as possible. Danny is known affiliate of the occult and applies metaphysics to drumming (I don't even know what metaphysics is). Danny Carey is either putting on the genius act or the weirdo act. Since the genius act may get him notariety, further pushing him into the media, I'll go with straight up crazy.

- Marc
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