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Default Re: New guy in here!

Regarding musical interests, it`s not just that. After a while, i started considering 4/4 rock grooves "pretty easy", so i needed something more challenging. Also, my teacher plays mostly funky-fusion-jazz stuff, so that was an influence, too.
It is, indeed, very fun to play! I`ve got some big future plans (new reso head for Bassdrum, 14''Floortom, a splash, etc) but i`ll have to wait until i have enough funds. Overall, i`m pretty happy with it, only that peope make fun of it for being a no-name kit, even though it sounds really good! My only dissapointment is the snare. I`ve never liked the sound of a steel snare, it`s too ringy for me, that`s why i use a sound control ring. Also, the heads are pretty bad, they get out of tune very quickly, and i`m planning to replace very shortly at least the batter head. The biggest problem is the shell, which is out of round, and i don`t really have a clue how to fix it. i`ve read over the forum that steel shells are easy to fix, but i`m afraid to do it without proper instructions. Do you think you can help?
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