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Default New guy in here!

Hey there guys,
I`m new in here, even tho i`ve been following the forum for a while. I decided to show you my kit, so as not to be a stranger. I must admit, i`m pretty ashamed showing my humble kit between all these fancy Tama`s, DW`s and others. I had a veeery tight budget when i started, so I didn`t really have a choice. I`ve started drumming almost two years ago, beginning with Rock, then going further towards Metal, and now I began expanding my horizons, as I learned all kinds of stuff, Reggae, Blues, Latino, etc. and got my kit last summer. It was a basic, cheap, low-end, Millenium MX222, in black finish. I was as happy as hell when it arrived.I knew it ain`t that much, so when I had some extra money , i started buying other stuff, so as to make my dream-kit. (don`t we all do that?). So here it is my current set-up:
22x16 Bass Drum
14x5,5 Steel Snare Drum
8x7,10x9 ,12x10 ,13x11 Tom Toms,16x16 Floor Tom
14''Millenium Hi-Hats and Crash, 16''Millenium Crash and Paiste PST3 Crash, 20''Millenium Ride
Custom and experimental hoe, sounds nice
Temporary Djembe
All hardware is Millenium, except two cymbal stands wich are home-made
All heads are stock, except Remo Powerstroke 3 on bass drum and Remo Emperor on 12'' Tom. Lack of money, eh...
Sorry for my grammar errors, past tenses are not really my friends...
Enough with the talking, here are the pictures!

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