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Default Re: Music Pop Stars no longer have to be actual people

Pop has for many years been a programed form of music. I remember listening to an interview with Richard Carpenter (the brother of Karen Carpenter). He was saying that he was able to write a new pop hit easily because he knew the formula. I remember Neil Sedaka, saying something similar. Really, what is the difference between, orchestrating on a moog synthesizer, or a modern electronic keyboard and writing out the charts for all the instruments? One person programs or writes the music, and the others will add very little of their own musical ideas.

I did hear that someone was able to make a program to write compositions in the styles of famous classical and jazz composers. What would bother me though, would be when they create a program that would be able to improvise in jazz along with other musicians.

As far as creating cartoons that move and look like people, I do not have any problems with that. No matter how real looking the cartoons are.
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