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Default Danny Carey- Genius or completely insane?

The following is an excerpt from Danny's bio on the Tool web page-

Despite not becoming a Mason or aligning himself with any other school of religion, Danny has maintained his heritages interest in occult studies. Endeavors into this realm have manifested periodically, such as the time he achieved insight into a hidden aspect of the unicursal hexagram utilizing an astral journey initiated through meditation and DMT. Danny then set up his drums into proportions utilizing the circle and square of the New Jerusalem and uttered a short prayer relating to the principles of the ace of swords from the book of Thoth. He then performed a ritual utilizing his new found knowledge of the unicursal hexagram to generate a pattern of movement in space relating to Fuller's vector equilibrium model. The resulting rhythm and gateway summoned a daemon he has contained within "the Lodge" that has been delivering short parables similar to passages within the Book of Lies. Danny recommends as a device of protection and containment a thorough study and utilization of the underlying geometry of the Temple of Solomon for anyone purchasing their next record.

Now, I think the guy is a good drummer and all, but geez! A sane drummer of his caliber might list the influences of the greats that came before him, he might even explain the importance of practice and study of different styles, but Danny has a deadringer that he has so kindly shared with all the young fans out there. His playing style can be accredited to a "daemon he has contained within the Lodge".

Now kids, be careful before you try this at home. Be sure to get that handy dandy protection and containment device. A thorough study and utilization of the underlying geometry of the Temple of Solomon is required. Good luck with the "daemon"!

I'm going to go ahead and vote- insane.
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